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Book synopsis:

Robin Justice is reared in an environment where success is expected and hard work is rewarded. Long vacations, private school, and other luxuries are at her fingertips. The dark side of the fairy-tale is; she feels no love and sees no respect between the people entrusted to guide and protect her. Robin’s father is forced out, after years of fighting, affairs, and verbal abuse. A force more sinister moves in. The wolves come to play when the king is away. Robin is surrounded by selfish, jealous, greedy, vultures on a mission to devour. Drugs become her favorite pass-time. She adheres to the voice of The Most High God and flees the trap of drug addiction only to be haunted for years by thoughts of unworthiness and poor self esteem. The hole in her heart widens when betrayal close to home, rears its ugly head, again. And what looks like a break through or a glimmer of hope and redemption is only a trick by the devil to attempt to kill, steal, and destroy. But what the devil meant for evil, God turned to good! No Weapon formed against Thee: Has the flavor of Donald Goines’: Black Girl Lost and Sister Souljah’s: The Coldest Winter Ever with the hope and inspiration of Iyanla Vanzant’s: One Day my Soul Just Opened Up.


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